Wet/Dry Demo Using The Panasonic Epilator

There’s been lots of debate over which type of epilating is better, wet or dry? In this short video produced by Panasonic you can look at some of the advantages of using gels with water to reduce pain and to remove more of the hairs root with each session. With lots of advanced functions, the panasonic epilator may very well be the most pain-free epilator of made today.

With it’s new pivot system head design the unit can follow the body’s contour much better then other models and is perfect for hard to reach areas like underams and the back of your legs. With its LED light and 48 tweezers the Panasonic can remove more hair in less time. Combine this with the fact that you can use it in the tub with foaming gel epilating has suddenly become more comfortable then ever before.

Everyone reacts to pain differently and for some, taut dry skin works best for them. However, warm water can open the skins pores allowing the hair follicle to come out with less discomfort, especially when used with a gel. Removing hair gently is the goal of every epilator sold and this model from Panasonic is probably the best.


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