Removing Hair From Your Underarms

Proper care of your underarms is not often talked about but it’s so important. Keeping a clean and pretty underarm is essential when you wear tank tops, strapless dresses or a swimsuit. In this helpful video, Christine explains why she prefers epilating her underarms over shaving or waxing along with other tips for cleanliness and deodorants.

Underarm skin is especially sensitive and can be quite painful the very first time you epilate this area. Using an epilator with more tweezer heads can go a long way in reducing this discomfort by pulling more hair with each pass. All five of the models I’ve reviewed on this site will work very well and are top rated for reduced pain.

We recommend using an epilator on the armpit area every two weeks for the first 3 to 4 months. Unlike waxing, it only takes a small amount of hair regrowth to grab and tweeze it out again with each subsequent regrowth finer and easier to pull. Stick to the regimen recommended in this video and you’ll have beautiful underarms to show off every day of the year!


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