Phillips Epilator HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe Review

Philips 6576

The Phillips Satin Perfect Epilator is ideal for removing hair from under the arms, the bikini area or any sensitive area that most epilators are just too painful to use. With its soft textured ceramic discs, hypoallergenic coating and their exclusive illuminated smart tweezers this epilator can be used to remove facial hair like the upper lip or the eyebrows with less discomfort and in less time.

Very effective at removing even the finest hairs,the built-in “hair lifter” actually helps hairs to stand up making it easier to tweeze and pull them out. Once removed, the massage system follows up with a gentle stimulation of the area to soothe the skin and reduce pain. Maintain the right speed throughout your session with the speed control function and you’ll be epilating with minimal pain just like a pro.

Also included is a built in optically focused light beam allowing you to easily see what hairs remain and what hairs have been removed. The 32 textured ceramic discs do a great job at gripping hairs without letting them slip through effectively removing more hair with each pass. Add to this the pivoting head for close contouring to your skin and you’ve got a quality epilator that gives great results.


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The Features and Advantages of this Phillips Epilator

It can be difficult to keep track of every little detail about a product you want to buy. When it comes to epilators, however, this is essential in order to avoid wasting money, and the Phillips HP6576 exemplifies this fact quite thoroughly through the remarkable attention to detail its manufacturers have employed for its construction:

  • The Phillips epilator HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe was designed specifically to remove body hair from difficult to access and sensitive areas, as well as to prevent it from growing back too soon.

  • A gentle massage system is in place to minimize any pain and discomfort while the 32 hypoallergenic ceramic discs quickly remove even the finest hairs.

  • An active vibrating hair lifter is included to efficiently raise flat hairs and allow for their easy removal.

  • The Phillips epilator HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe is perfect for people who are always on the go, providing up to 40 minutes of constant functionality as a result of a full charge.

  • The head can be removed for easy cleaning, and a cleaning brush is also provided.

  • Various additional attachments were added as well, including a shave, style and trim attachment and even a luxury tweezers set designed for fine eyebrow grooming.

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This epilator can run for up to forty minutes on a full charge and can be completely recharged in only one hour. The set includes a shaver and trimmer attachment, built-in mirror with light, and a pro tweezer set for eyebrows. The battery powered cordless design makes it great for travelling, putting in an overnight bag and can be used anywhere while on the go.

Cleanup and maintenance are a breeze with its removable shaver head. Just use running water and the included little brush to clean it out and you’re done. When you look at all the features the Phillip Satin Perfect has to offer – the pulsating massage system, vibrating hair lifter, contouring pivot head, trimming comb, smart light tweezers, clean out brush and storage bag – its easy to see why this model is also a top rated epilator.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Phillips Epilator HP6576 Satin:

“awesome product I have used other operators epilators and this is my favorite especially being cordless with a light And flexible head.”

(A. Tierney)

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Phillips Epilator HP6576 Satin

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