Panasonic Ladies Wet/Dry Epilator Review

panasonic es-wd51

The Panasonic Ladies wet/dry epilator was designed specifically for people with sensitive skin with hundreds of users calling it the “most gentle” epilator that money can buy.

In the demo video to the right of this review you’ll see how the Panasonic epilator uses a foaming gel with water to allow almost pain free epilation. I’m hesitant to use the word “pain-free” but with so many reports coming back positive – and with it priced just under $100.00 – it’s not surprising why this model is a best seller.

Its 3-1 hair removal system, combined with a convenient, practical design and the use of hypoallergenic blades are more reasons why hundreds of people have given this epilator such high ratings. Other cool features include it’s wet/dry operation along with six additional attachments for beginners, foot care, bikini care, shaving your head and more.

These attachments make epilating these normally tough areas much easier and without all the discomfort normally experienced. A complete hair removal system, the Panasonic LadiesWet/Dry Epilator is not only impressive, but probably one of the best epilators on the market.


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Product Features

  • This three-in-one is equipped with a dual rotating head enhanced with the addition of 48 hair removing tweezers and side-to-side gliding technology for better efficiency.

  • Ideal for both wet and dry hair removal, the epilator also allows you to use foam or gel for a gentler, more refined experience of painlessly eliminating even the smallest hairs.

  • A 1-hour charge will keep the Panasonic Ladies wet/dry epilator running for a full period of 40 minutes – generally enough for most hair removal tasks.

  • The epilator is quite small, lightweight, easy to grasp and maneuver and highly portable. A classy travel pouch is also included for all those active ladies who are always on the move.

  • You even get a set of replacement accessories, so that initial maintenance costs will be minimal. These include an inner blade replacement, a combo set and a cleaning brush.

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 panasonic es-wd51 wet-dry

Everyone reacts to pain differently and although this machine is not 100% pain free, the technology behind this epilator gives the first time user their best chance at surviving the first session! Especially with the underarms, back of the legs and the bikini area. I think you’ll find that by using the beginners cap for the first pass and then following up with the regular cap that your session will result in great results with minimal discomfort.

The rotary pumice attachment for the feet is another great add-on that other epilators don’t have and works great for smoothing callouses and massaging your feet. It’s cordless, has an attached shaver and a pretty decent battery life too. All in all this is a great buy with a lot of happy users. I dont think you’ll be unhappy with this model.


Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Panasonic ES-WD51-P Ladies Wet/Dry:

“Works great, love having epilator and shaver in same unit. Easy to clean, easy to change the different heads.”

(C. Henly)

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panasonic es-wd51 wet-dry

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