How To Remove Hair With An Epilator

As surprising as it might sound, a lot of people have never used an epilator before. In this video demo, Andrea explains the do’s and dont’s of epilating that everyone should know about… especially if you are epilating for the first time. Removing unwanted hair can be uncomfortable or even painful for the first time user, but don’t worry, each session becomes easier and and easier.

Epilating works by pulling or tweezing the hairs at skin level. As these hairs grow back they become finer and finer until eventually the root is no longer able to regrow new hair. I like to exfoliate the skin within 24 hours of epilating for the first few sessions. This is generally recommended by most hair removal experts. Some prefer to epilate when the skin is wet but I have found that dry skin allows for a cleaner tweeze resulting in less pain. Again, everyone is different on this.

After epilating a body scrub can help with reducing stubble and ingrown hairs followed up every other day. If the skin is red and the pain is more then mild using ice packs to reduce swelling and to numb the area will work wonders. Either way, future sessions will be less painful and is certainly worth the pain you’ll probably feel in the beginning.


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