Emoji Emagine Epilator Review

Emoji Emagine Epilator

Technologically advanced, reliable and quite fast when it comes to helping you deal with anything from tiny stray hairs to areas with longer, more densely packed hairs that can take a while to eliminate, the Emoji Emagine epilator is considered to offer superior value – especially for an epilator priced under $80.00!

Probably one of the greatest assets of the Emoji Emagine epilator is its remarkable efficiency and speed. With most epilators, you will likely have to spend an hour going over the same areas on your legs before getting a clean cut on even the smallest hairs. With the Emoji epilator’s 72 tweezer heads, the whole process will only take about 10 minutes.

Reviewers have often pointed out that this epilator can even grab some of the smaller hairs that other epilator units tend to miss entirely, and they were also particularly impressed with the ease of use and apparent lack of any consistent pain that you’d normally get from using these types of devices. The Emjoi Emagine has hundreds of 5 star reviews on Amazon alone making it a best seller at a great price too.


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Product Features

Although it’s available at a lower price than most of the top rated epilators, there’s a reason this model is so popular. Here are some of the features that make this epilator such a good buy:

  • An impressive feature of the Emagine is its innovative dual staggered heads which are able to cover a much larger area while cutting out even the smallest hairs.

  • With its unique, Silver Ion Technology, the epilator was also designed to keep you safe from infection and provide consistent antimicrobial protection.

  • When it comes to hairs that are too close to the skin, the Emoji uses a patented “Glide” technology that works to easily lift them up so they can be removed as painlessly as possible.

  • An ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to grasp and maneuver the device.

  • Dual speed controls make for a more customized experience.

  • The device also allows you to run it both on battery and while plugged in, so you don’t have to worry about portability or loss of power at a short notice.

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Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Epilator

Are There Any Drawbacks?

A problem that has concerned many people who have bought the Emoji Emagine epilator is that its power tends to decrease when running on its battery. This happens mainly because of the 72 tweezers which require an added amount of power compared to what other epilators may need.

Pain. Although the 72 tweezers make for faster sessions they also remove more hair with each pass. First time users may find their first session quite painful. Everyone’s threshold for pain is different. The only advantage is that the session will be shorter using this model. More pain in less time? You’ll have to make that decision.


The Bottom Line

The price, the 72 tweezer head and all the other features listed above are why this epilator is on our list. After a few sessions as the regrown hairs become finer and finer you’ll really appreciate the added tweezers because they’ll make  epilating fast and easy. If you are a seasoned epilator user and/or your tolerance for pain is OK then this model may be a good fit for you.


Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Emoji Emagine Epilator:

“I was in the market for something to help with ingrown hairs and was led to epilators. The Emjoi was a top pick after some research and seemed to offer everything I was looking for. I’ve never epilated before and so was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a first-time buy.”

(M. Collette)

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Emoji Emagine Epilator

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