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Wet/Dry Demo Using The Panasonic Epilator

There’s been lots of debate over which type of epilating is better, wet or dry? In this short video produced by Panasonic you can look at some of the advantages of using gels with water to reduce pain and to remove more of the hairs root with each session. With lots of advanced functions, the […]

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Top Tips For Epilating Your Bikini Area

After Carrie Bradshaw toddled on to our TV screens in her ankle crippling Manolos, it wasn’t long before the fashion forward New Yorker introduced us to ‘the Brazilian’. Now popular with women across the world, we’re all keen to keep our bikini lines ‘fuzz free’. But let’s face it, getting your body bikini ready without […]

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Which Braun Epilator Should I Choose?

Filmed by the good folks at Braun, this video goes into great detail about each of Braun’s best selling, most popular epilators on the market today. Braun has been an industry leader for shavers and epilators for many years and is an excellent manufacturer to go with. With more then seven different models to choose […]

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Removing Hair From Your Underarms

Proper care of your underarms is not often talked about but it’s so important. Keeping a clean and pretty underarm is essential when you wear tank tops, strapless dresses or a swimsuit. In this helpful video, Christine explains why she prefers epilating her underarms over shaving or waxing along with other tips for cleanliness and […]

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How To Remove Hair With An Epilator

As surprising as it might sound, a lot of people have never used an epilator before. In this video demo, Andrea explains the do’s and dont’s of epilating that everyone should know about… especially if you are epilating for the first time. Removing unwanted hair can be uncomfortable or even painful for the first time […]

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