Epilator Reviews – Choosing The Best Epilator For Your Skin

Need help choosing the best epilator? With improvements in design and epilation technology being made every year, knowing what these new features can do and how they work is important when selecting the right epilator for you.

epilatingEpilator Reviews: Smooth skin, slower hair growth and convenient hair removal are just some of the things most people are looking for when trying to decide on buying a new hair removal product.

Most epilator reviews from real customers will tell you that epilating at home is convenient, becomes more effective after each session, and can be uncomfortable or even painful the first time you use it. ( More on this later)

Fortunately, epilators have come a long way since the original “Epilady” days. The technology behind the new models sold today are light years ahead from just a few years ago making your epilation sessions faster, more efficient and less painful. The best epilator for you will depend on a number of factors because everyone is different.

Some people prefer dry epilating, others prefer using it in the shower or with a foaming gel. Either way, the epilators listed on this site are all best sellers with excellent reviews from hundreds of actual users. But if you’ve never used an epilator before don’t worry – you won’t go wrong with any of the epilators here.

Of course, not all epilators will have the same features and functionalty. Continue reading for the information you’ll need to select the one that may best suit you. I’m sure the epilator reviews and the links found throughout this site will give you the information you need to get the best epilator for you at the best possible price!

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Emjoi Emagine Epilator

emjoi-emagineThe Emjoi Emagine Epilator – commonly called the “Emjoi Tweeze” – is one of the few epilators with over 400 5 star reviews on Amazon. Its widespread popularity is mainly due to its advanced “glide” technology which was patented and designed to push the hairs slightly upwards before grabbing them so that the device can have a firmer grasp on them.

The alternating disc design also features a more efficient action by removing more hair by stretching the skin and increasing the covered surface area. This also causes the entire process to be much faster and less painful than what you’d find in many other epilators.

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Braun 7681 Silk Epil Xpressive Pro Epilator

braun-7681The Braun 7681 was designed to be one of the best engineered and gentlest epilator available on today’s market. With its rotating head, the tweezers follow tightly to the skin pulling more hairs with each pass, making it extremely easy to use it even on sensitive areas.

Everyone knows how painful it can be to use even the best epilator for the first time. According to most reviewers, however, this Braun model can be used on armpits, the bikini area and even on the face without causing any significant amount of irritation. Moreover, the device is perfect for travel or for use on a short notice – for instance, after a shower – as it’s quite portable, and it works fine on both wet and dry skin.

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Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator

Braun-Silk-Epil-7The Braun Silk Epil 7 has a few unique and popular features that have made this epilator one of Braun’s most popular wet or dry cordless epilators for 2014.

One of its most prominent features is its ability to light up the surrounding area so you can see which the areas where the hair was missed before moving on to the rest of the skin’s surface. Aside from the fact that illuminating the area will also allow you to catch smaller, more difficult to notice hairs, the Braun Silk Epil 7 is also able to reduce the pain of the process by gently stimulating the skin with high frequency pulsations.

Another important fact about this design is that it allows the epilating device to obtain a close grip and hug the skin tightly with the help of its pivotal head and no less than 40 tweezers. Combined with its ability to handle both wet and dry skin equally well, these advantages have brought the Braun unit the reputation of being one of the most efficient short hair removal products available at a price of under $100.

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Phillips Epilator HP6576 Satin Perfect Deluxe

philips-6576The Phillips HP6576 was primarily constructed with energy efficiency and longer use in mind. For a cordless device, the Phillips fares more than well, being twice as effective as even some of the best epilators out there. While most battery powered epilators have only 20 minutes of continuous run time, the Phillips HP6576 unit can run without stopping for more than 45 minutes.

An exceptionally handy tool to have around during your travels, the Phillips device also has a few other tricks to offer. Its vibration hair lifting technology makes it easier to painlessly and swiftly remove unwanted hair. Also, the wider pivoting head design was conceived in such a way that it allows for superior area coverage, while textured ceramic disks and a built-in optical illumination system makes it easier to “hunt” for those small, stray hairs that seem to fade into the background all too many times.

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Panasonic Complete Lady Set

panasonic-completeThe Panasonic Complete Lady Set is probably the gentlest and least painful epilators sold today. Not only is it a perfectly designed wet-dry model and packed with a variety of options and features that make the epilating process safer and more comfortable, but the device also uses a new type of technology unique to this model called the “Skin Protector System” – a patented design which keeps the skin firmly in place while the hairs are pulled out.

Some of the more special features included in this device are the form-fitting head which slides gently across your skin, the dual-head design built to offer ultimate efficiency and a fast spinner feature which makes hair removal quite smooth and pain-free. All these advantages combined with the elegance and portability of the Panasonic Lady Set make it an excellent choice for anyone with easily irritable skin and an interest in improved comfort.

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Why use an epilator?

For thousands of years, both men and women have always looked for better ways to remove unwanted hair – some more successful than others. Hair removal has always been an important step in having smooth, beautiful skin – especially for the ladies playing a major role when it comes to personal care activities.

The need for smoother skin minus all that unwanted hair is nothing new. However, thanks to  advancements in technology,  highly innovative devices have emerged to make the process simpler, faster and far more comfortable.

Epilators have become some of the most highly advanced devices used for hair removal today. They’re inexpensive (when compared to salon visits for waxing or laser hair removal), can be done in the comfort of your home, and can truly provide you with hair free skin that will last for weeks. Today’s models also offer cordless and battery powered epilators. These are great when traveling or for use in the shower or bath.

Most quality epilators will run anywhere from $80 to $130. You’ll find that the cordless, wet/dry models are more expensive due to their versatility. By understanding epilators, including gaining some background on how they work, what advantages they can offer and what are the best brands you should look for, it will be easy to get the best value for the price range that works for you.

Best Epilator ReviewsUnderstanding Epilators and Hair Removal

Designed to remove hair by uprooting a number of hairs at once and basically pulling them out, epilator devices are essentially very similar to waxing. Today, the best epilator devices are, however, more sophisticated and work completely different from earlier designs first created by Epilady in the 1980s.

To understand the difference between the two methods, we have to first take a look at how waxing works: basically, liquefied wax is placed on the skin, where, after enveloping the entire area, it forms a hardened crust, eliminating even the smallest hairs when the wax is then pulled off.

The downside to waxing is that it also removes microscopic skin cells and may involve a more prolonged healing process due to the damage it does to the external epidermis, this process is less pronounced when it comes to epilators. In fact, most epilator reviews show how the entire root is not fully eliminated from under the skin, causing less strain and allowing the hair to actually grow back within a period of 4-6 weeks.

The first epilators produced by Epilady were manufactured using tight spring coils that were rotated by a motor and basically opened and closed as they slid over the skin. This process, together with the bow shaped design of the coiled springs would capture even finer hairs in an elegant way by tightening and flexing both sides of the spring to achieve the desired effect. Although the design was effective, it required that manufacturers provide replacement springs that could easily be replaced due to the intense strain they were put under – which eventually lead to the springs being damaged.

Some of the best epilator manufacturers have managed to solve this issue by using rotating discs instead of springs. This innovation has brought us closer to today’s technology not only by improving the durability and efficiency of today’s epilator, but also by making them less painful than the initial coil designs. The “Lady Remington” was the first of these types of epilators. You can see the differences when reading the epilator reviews for any of the top rated models.

Finally, in today’s technology, the concept has been enhanced to work almost as hi-tech tweezers, with various metal plates opening and closing on a rotational head. This involves a much more complex and dynamic process that facilitates fast and easy hair removal through a constantly maintained pulling and releasing process. Moreover, these types of epilators are much safer, less painful and more feature-packed than any of their predecessors.

The Advantages of High End Epilator Technology

Hair removal can and has always been a somewhat painful endeavor, especially for those who are new to it. Even with the help of the best epilator technology, you still won’t be pain-free. Fortunately, however, the pain subsides after a few uses, and the hair gradually becomes much easier to remove than before.

Having said that, the initial pain from an epilator  is not any worse then other methods, such as waxing, sugaring or using spring coils. Laser hair removal is less painful, but certified laser clinics visits can cost as much as $700 for full body treatments and the home laser devices are in the $400 range. Selecting the best epilator for you is a smart way to deal with hair removal and is why millions of people are using them as an alternative to these other methods.

  • When comparing epilators to shaving, one of the biggest advantages  is that an epilator is much better at keeping hair from growing back as fast. The slower re-growth is due to the fact that the hair is removed from its base, and follicles are weakened each time. Studies have shown that this results not only in slower growth, but once the hair does grow back it will be thinner and more manageable.

  • Wax, creams and other products can get the job done, but an electric epilator is a lot less messy and much easier to use. You don’t need to worry about buying and using any gels or creams, and the process is much faster and more convenient.

  • Since you won’t have to buy any other supplies, such as creams or replacement razors, epilators are essentially a one-time purchase. They usually cost somewhere between $50-130, and they do not require much maintenance once you’ve bought them.

  • Due to their efficiency, lightweight construction, portability and clean use, an epilator is an excellent choice while traveling.

  • Finally, these devices are also great for home use. Having smooth, hair free skin in the comfort of your home is a breeze when you own an epilator. Touch-ups are easy too!

Best Epilator ReviewsEpilator Reviews and Advanced Epilation Technology

There are quite a few technologically advanced epilator models you can choose from, and the ones we’ve presented here are considered as some of the best epilators by anyone’s standards. On our website, we’ve put together epilator reviews for some great models manufactured by some great companies. Choosing the best epilator should be a lot easier once you’ve narrowed down the candidates to the top five.

From simple, low cost devices, to epilators having advanced features such as smart lights and wet-dry technology, the information contained herein should help you find the best epilator within your price range. Be sure to check the discount links for free shipping when shopping online. Good-Luck!

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